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Own your life.

Money has the power to both help and harm. You can use it to create the life you want or exacerbate your weaknesses. At the Gleason Group, we help you use it as a tool to create a life of meaning. Plans become actions and dreams become reality. You have one life to live, one legacy to leave. Our mission is to help you make the most of it. Embracing the lessons from your past, actively managing the moment, and igniting the limitless possibility of tomorrow.

Together, we identify what money means to you. We align your spending with your goals and values so you can be more intentional with your money. We work with you to uncover what’s most important before making financial recommendations. Placing your values and your life before the numbers. Sounds obvious, but most advisors approach personal finance strictly by the numbers—budgets, insurance, taxes, investment returns and more. While the numbers tell us what you have, they do not tell us how hard you worked. What you had to sacrifice, who will benefit, who inspired the dream, hardships overcome, pain and joy in the journey, partnerships formed and broken or the amazing breaks and bad fortune navigated in accumulating the assets those numbers represent.

Our approach is different. Our role is that of a teacher and accountability partner.  We help you set meaningful and measurable goals, prioritize what’s most important, eliminate non-essentials and evaluate real trade-offs. Remove constraints, create buffers and set boundaries where needed to reduce stress and be prepared for the unexpected. While you can’t always choose the path you walk in life, you can choose the manner in which you walk it. We help harness the power of your life choices, the worthiness of your personal story and the strength of your inner purpose.

This is your moment.