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Preparing for Retirement

Purpose and peace of mind.

Soon you’ll embark on one of the biggest changes in your life . . .the transition to retirement. There’s a increasing possibility that your retirement could last 30+ years. If history is any guide, during that time your cost of living could almost triple.

From a financial standpoint, retirement really only has two outcomes: One is that your money outlives you. The other is that you outlive your money. This has nothing to do with the economy or timing the markets, both of which only distract from your long term plan.

How will you spend your time?  Will you sell your home or buy a vacation home? Is travel is a top priority? Understanding how you’ll spend your time is just as important as your money.  At the Gleason Group, we help you make decisions now about when you want to retire, what you want to do in retirement, and how much money you’ll need. Helping you live a life of meaning without worry about money.

The #1 Issue

A three-decade retirement is just as much a problem of maintaining purchasing power as it is the protection of principal. The cost of living has gone up in just about every year of our lives. The Consumer Price Index has been compounding at around three percent for the last century. If it to continues during three decades of retirement, you could see your living costs go up very nearly two and a half times.

A purely fixed-income investment strategy—focusing on preventing your principal from fluctuating—may leave you seriously exposed to the long-term erosion of your purchasing power. Put simply, a fixed-income strategy may not sustain you through a long retired life of rising living costs.

your ideal retirement

Together, we discuss and create your ideal life in retirement.  We help you live your retirement by design, not by default. Eliminating non-essentials, evaluating trade-offs and being fully in control of your choices. Your choices add up to the life you are living today and these choices will determine the life you’ll lead tomorrow.

Together, we identify what’s important and have conviction when making life’s most difficult decisions. While others live a life of stress and chaos, your retirement can be a life of impact and fulfillment without worry or regret. At the Gleason Group, we’re fanatical about helping you achieve the highest possible return on every precious moment of your life.

Evaluating expenses

Once you’ve decided on your retirement date and considered what you want to do, we help you determine how much it’s likely to cost. We work with you to list your projected retirement expenses and categorize them as needs, wants and wishes.

Surprisingly, many retirees find that they spend more money during retirement— especially on things such as travel, hobbies, and entertainment—than they did while they were working. In addition, you may have to cover expenses for health care that your employer now pays. We help create buffers and discuss real life trade-offs to ensure you are prepared.

sources of income

Most retirees have two main sources of income to pay for their living expenses: ongoing income—such as Social Security, pensions, and part-time employment— and their investment portfolios. By comparing your ongoing income with your anticipated expenses, we get an idea of how much money you’ll need to draw from your investments each year.

We help you make important decisions such as when to take Social Security, how to invest for retirement and what type of Medicare plan is best for you. These decisions directly affect your quality of life in retirement.

Action Items

As you prepare for retirement we’ll help you clarify your goals by coming up with a clear list of measurable action items. We’ll meet with you to review, hold you accountable and strategize for the best solution. There are a host of things we’ll discuss including:

  • Emergency planning
  • How you’ll spend your time
  • Creating a spending plan
  • Changes to your portfolio
  • Updating your estate plan
  • Aligning your beneficiaries
  • Social Security strategy
  • Medicare related decisions

At the Gleason Group, we’re with you every step of the way.

This is your moment.