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the Client Experience

Completely committed.

At the Gleason Group, our approach to client service is rooted in consistent, open and honest communication. We start with being available 24/7 and responding immediately to your needs. We live to serve and encourage you to reach out to us anytime… for any reason.

We customize your service experience based on your specific needs and unique personal situation. Proactively reaching out to you based on a mutually agreed upon schedule in whichever manner you choose, helping us ensure your portfolio is aligned with your life goals at all times.

We provide a wide array of informative touchpoints throughout the year including our monthly newsletter, relevant commentary and unique client events. We’re especially proactive during times of heightened market fear or greed; keeping you calm, informed and on track.

We have three types of client meetings depending on what is most important to you. These include a comprehensive FinLife 360, a FinLife Check-up, and a Retirement Life meeting.

That’s it. Our style is deliberately relaxed, informal, and friendly. But most of all open in both directions. You hear from us consistently throughout the year and can easily reach us anytime. We’re straightforward, completely committed and absolutely love what we do.

FinLife 360

Here, we conduct a meaningful review of your entire financial life. We identify what’s most important and update your life goals. Is your estate plan current? Are you prepared for the unexpected? We cover it all in this 60 to 90 minute meeting.

We provide a thorough review your estate plan and respective beneficiaries. We review your life, disability, long term care and liability insurance coverages as well as your current savings or distribution strategy. We identify areas for tax savings and review college education analysis, social security maximization and Medicare choices. Lastly, we conduct a thorough review your portfolio making sure you clearly understand  what you own, and why you own it.

FinLife Check-up

The FinLife Check-up provides a 30-minute update of your financial life and ensures your investments are aligned with your goals, timeframe and risk. We address what’s most important and get a high level view of your current financial picture. We update changes to your personal situation since our last meeting and conduct a thorough review of your portfolio.

We look at each account, placing the underlying holdings into one of three buckets to ensure your money is in line with it’s purpose. We make sure you clearly understand what you own and why you own it. Answering any questions or concerns, and together, develop clear action items going forward.

Retirement Life

Are you on track to live the life you desire? We begin this meeting with a review of the purpose of money in your life. We help set meaningful and measurable goals, prioritize what’s most important, eliminate non-essentials and evaluate real trade-offs. We discuss it all in this fun, relaxed and interactive 60 to 90 minute meeting.

While you can’t always choose the path you walk in life, you can choose the manner in which you walk it. Here we help align your spending with your goals and values so you are more intentional with your money. Reinforcing the commitment to the plan and measuring your progress. Plans become actions and dreams become reality. You have one life to live, one legacy to leave. Our mission here is to help you make the most of it.

Team Approach

At the Gleason Group, we have a team approach to service and advice. In each meeting you’ll have at least two of our advisory team members, ensuring we are listening clearly and ready to act accordingly on your needs and financial situation.

Our team has more than 150 years combined experience in financial services and we stand ready to assist with any service need. To learn more about our team, check us out here.

Total Flexibility

At the Gleason Group, our doors are always open and we’re here to help. In addition to the three meeting types above, we participate in a variety of custom meetings based on your specific need. Whether it’s an insurance needs analysis, an estate planning meeting with your attorney, tax planning with your CPA, or home and auto insurance coverage review with your agent…we’re all in.

We’re happy reserve our conference room for group meetings for your family, your business or your charity. At the Gleason Group, your life is our passion and we put every resource we have into helping make it the best it can be.

This is your moment.