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POrtfolio Design

Simple & Straightforward.

Our Strategy

We separate your assets into three buckets, each with a goal of meeting specific needs over a particular time horizon. Each bucket is custom built based on a combination of your life stage, risk tolerance and goals.

  • Bucket 1: Short Term (1-4 years)
  • Bucket 2: Medium Term (5-10 years)
  • Bucket 3: Long Term (10+ years)


Bucket One

Bucket One is a conservatively crafted portfolio designed to provide for approximately four year’s living expenses. This bucket is in addition to an emergency fund. We calculate this bucket by combining your estimated annual spending and short term liquidity needs and then subtracting your current income.

The investments here consist of cash and conservatively allocated low-cost, diversified funds. The key drivers here are safety, liquidity and current income.


Bucket Two

Bucket Two is structured for growth and income and designed to address life goals with a time horizon of five through ten years. Here we utilize a mix of low-cost, tax-efficient ETF’s and balanced investments consisting of diversified fixed income combined with US and international securities.

These investments have moderate growth potential to combat inflation as well as serve as a backup in the event Bucket One is exhausted. They are designed to provide approximately half the downside risk of the market.

Bucket Three

Bucket Three is designed for long-term goals beyond ten years. For this bucket, we utilize a combination of diversified, low-cost, tax-efficient equity funds, and in some cases, individual stocks.

This bucket’s purpose is for funds needed later in life and legacy money to leave to heirs. The focus here is long term growth and protection from inflation allowing more fluctuation in the values in the short term, but historically lower risk over longer time periods.


Selection & Monitoring

We utilize a disciplined approach to selecting the investments we utilize for client portfolios. Our investment committee monitors portfolio positions and investment vehicles consistently throughout the year. Our in-depth analysis includes evaluating a combination of factors including:

  • Management Character
  • Investment Strategy
  • Historical Returns
  • Liquidity & Tax Efficiency
  • Internal Expenses
  • Portfolio Turnover
  • Correlation


Why Us

Traditional Broker The Gleason Group
Avoid Conflicts of Interest no yes
Simple & Straightforward no yes
Low-Cost Design no yes
Transparent Fees no yes
Maximize Tax Efficiency no yes
Goal-Based Decisions no yes
Behavioral Coaching no yes
No Prognostications or Market Timing no yes
No Derivatives or Structured Products no yes
No "Alternative" Investments no yes
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