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What is Family Planning?

Just as no two investors are exactly alike, no two families are alike. What many families do have in common, though, is the need to plan for unique circumstances.

Whether your family dynamic calls on you to assist a child with a college education, care for an elderly parent or relative, or provide for a child with special needs, we help you navigate the planning nuances and identify the appropriate solution.


A child’s education can be one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. With education costs rising faster than inflation, the financial burden can be significant, especially if you have more than one child. Though it is best to start the college planning process when your child or grandchild is young, it is never too late. With many vehicles available – 529 savings plans, UGMA/UTMA accounts and more – we help you consider the best way to save for the college education that will give the next generation the start it needs in life.


At some point, nearly everyone will require at least some form of help with the challenges of daily living. We help you become familiar with common eldercare issues as well as care options available for an aging parent, spouse or loved one

It can be difficult to anticipate the expense of health and long-term care. We help you consider the rising costs of senior care, from basic aging to debilitating illness, and ways to provide for your loved ones.

special needs Planning

As a parent, you want to make sure your child with special needs is taken care of – no matter what. The cost of raising any child is steep, but for a child with special needs, it can significantly higher. Many families with a special-needs child are overwhelmed by the day-to-day care, let alone the struggle to pay for it.

Long-term financial planning is essential to make sure that your child continues to receive the best possible care, even when you can no longer provide the care yourself. We help you develop a plan to provide the specialized care your child needs and deserves.

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