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Family Meetings

Few things are as important as your financial legacy and the well-being of your heirs. While traditional estate planning is a fundamental component of wealth planning, there are four often over-looked factors actually have the greatest on a families ability to successfully transition wealth:

  • Strong Communication
  • Sense of Trust Among Family Members
  • Thorough Preparation of Heirs
  • A Cohesive Purpose of Family Wealth

A Smooth Transition

Communication and preparation are vital. That’s why structured family meetings are an important part of wealth planning. Structured meetings open a dialogue about important issues, strengthen family harmony and trust, and educate and prepare your heirs for future responsibilities.

A foundation of communication and cooperation will enable your family to readily avoid common challenges during transition, such as family feuding, litigation, and poor investment decisions.

What to Expect

Typical meetings provide a forum for collaborative discussion among all family members, with a goal of mutual understanding and consensus. However, each meeting should be shaped to the particular needs of your family. Meeting topics may include:

  • Responsibilities & Expectations
  • Education of Heirs
  • Shared Philanthropy
  • Family History & Enduring Values
  • Family Mission Statement
  • Preparation for Wealth Transition

Our Role

In addition to helping you choose an agenda, we can also facilitate family meetings. This has two benefits. First, the meetings will be formally guided by an impartial moderator.

Additionally, over time, we get to know the unique preferences and personalities of each family member which strengthens our ability to add support during the transition of your wealth.

Our ultimate role is that of a planner, coordinator, advisor and accountability partner ensuring your family, life goals and values are all on the same page.


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