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Bringing your financial world full circle

When you hear the term “financial planning,” you probably think of investment strategies designed to provide for retirement years. But it’s important to have your assets, liabilities and cash working together today to fulfill all your financial needs.

Maybe you are planning on making a large purchase. Maybe the kitchen needs remodeling. What if a natural disaster threatens? For some things, you’ll want to have access to cash. For others, you’ll want to secure financing – a mortgage, or line of credit.

At the Gleason Group, we help chart a course that allows you to live comfortably now, and also stay on track with your long-term goals.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a vacation home, pay for an addition or acquire an investment property, there are many variables to consider in applying for a loan or line of credit. We help you determine the best way to borrow without disrupting your long-term financial strategy.

Cash solutions

Thoughtfully managing your day-to-day cash needs can be as important a part of your long-term financial plan as making the right investment choices. We help you complete your plan with a variety of cash management solutions, including online access to all of your accounts through credit cards, and cash sweeps programs to diversify your cash in the same manner as your investments.

Life is short. What's your plan?