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Behavioral Coaching

Education, empowerment & accountability.

What is Behavioral Coaching?

Abandoning a sound financial plan can be extremely costly. Research has shown time and time again regardless of technology and the increasing speed of available information, we are still our own worst enemy when it comes to investing.

At the Gleason Group, our role is that of a behavioral coach, helping you make educated, thoughtful decisions about your money. We educate, empower and act an accountability partner for you in good times and in bad. And ultimately, we provide you financial peace of mind, help you avoid the “big mistake,” and enrich the quality of your life.

Emotional Circuit Breaker

Behavioral Coaching is primarily concerned with helping you stay on plan and avoid reacting to market noise or emotional events. That sounds simple, but our human wiring does not equip us very well for this task. Emotions get in the way.

At the Gleason Group, we act an emotional circuit breaker, helping you avoid financial blunders and circumventing tendencies to chase returns or run for cover in emotionally charged situations.

Overcoming Biases

Behavioral Coaching is critical in sorting our inherent behavioral and cognitive biases that hamper financial progress. These biases include:

  • Loss Aversion
  • Narrow Framing
  • Mental Accounting
  • Diversification
  • Herding
  • Regret
  • Media Response
  • Optimism
  • Achoring

Accomplishing life goals is not just creating a plausible path and plan…it’s keeping the plan alive and on track. We’re here to help.

Understanding Trade-offs

Every decision in life, both large and small, has some combination of three tradeoffs: risk vs. reward, today vs. tomorrow, and self vs. others.  

What risks are you willing to take for the rewards available? What is enjoyment today worth to you in terms of lack of consumption tomorrow? How do you value well-being for yourself vs. the well-being you might create for others?

The decision to pursue one goal may mean that another becomes less important. We help you understand these trade-offs and make better decisions.

independent Research

According to independent studies, sound financial guidance tends to pay off somewhere in the ballpark of 3% to 4% per year. Those familiar with the power of compounding understand the enormous impact of the cumulative effect of those gains over the long run is staggering. While knowledge is an important starting point, the adherence to your plan and avoiding behavioral mistakes are the ultimate keys to getting the “return on life” you desire.

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