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A Unified Team

Working together for you.

As you plan for retirement, you might find yourself with a whole army of advisors handling different aspects of your life, finances, and future. Many people even work with multiple financial advisors. We advise against this for a variety of reasons.

Is everyone on the same page? Do your attorney, accountant, financial planner and insurance agent work together when it comes to planning for and living life in retirement?

In many cases, the answer is simply “no.” Without coordination and consistency your advisory team may not have all the information they need to effectively develop an integrated, holistic retirement plan for you.

At the Gleason Group, we act as the “coach” of your advisor team. We coordinate your insurance agent, estate planning attorney and CPA keeping your team and related information current and in line with your life goals. We ensure everyone works together and knows their unique role in your life plan.

Is your team on the same page?