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Life insurance is an important decision so it’s important to have a clear plan and process for accessing:

  • How much coverage
  • What kind of insurance
  • How to compare policies

We look at your entire financial situation to help identify your coverage need. There’s numerous types of insurance and we work directly with you to decide what type of policy works best for your specific situation. Lastly, we compare a variety of factors on each policy from wide number of independent, national carriers to find the best fit for you.

Why life insurance?

You’ve worked hard to build a life you enjoy with the people you love, now it’s time to protect it all. But it can be tough to know how much, or what type of life insurance you need.

Life insurance is a way to make sure your loved ones are protected today, tomorrow, and every day. We’ll help you figure out exactly how much, and what types of insurance you need – now and years from now.

Our recommendations are based on your priorities and what you can afford – so you get only the life insurance you need, and nothing you don’t.


Term life insurance is the simplest and one of the most affordable types of life insurance you can buy. It provides coverage for a specific period of time, or “term” (for example, 10 or 20 years or to a specific age, such as 80).

Once that term ends, so does your coverage. However, with certain policies you have the option of converting your term policy to a permanent one down the road. Term life has two primary benefits: low cost coverage and protection for specific goals over shorter time periods.

permanent LIFE

There are two basic types of permanent insurance:

Whole Life covers you for as long as you live. In addition to a guaranteed pay out when you pass away, there are benefits you can use while living. But these benefits come with a cost in the form of  substantially higher premiums throughout the life of the policy.

Universal Life lets you build cash value while offering flexible premium payments and schedules. Like whole life, these have higher premiums compared to term. Under any scenario, we’re here to help you clearly understand your choices and help decide what is right for you.

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